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May Flyer

It was 6 a.m. when the phone rang. My foggy brain started clicking off the possible people who would call at this hour. By the third ring, I placed my bet on my good buddy and sailing companion, Jim Griffin. This wouldn't be his first…
Steve Schuler
January 1, 2016
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Rock, Paper, Innocence

The following is a thumbnail sketch, or synopsis, of a true-life story about... Two kids searching for love while growing up in dysfunctional families. They meet by chance in a brief encounter on the steps at their school. The protagonist brushed her off and then…
Steve Schuler
February 21, 2014
Going homeMemoir

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Prologue—Rock, Paper, Scissors  "Hunger pains knotted his stomach and his expressionless eyes stared nowhere. The boy’s dog cowered beneath the bed." Defining moments in my life He was standing in a victory pose on top of a small dirt pile when hunger pains twinged his…
Steve Schuler
January 13, 2014